6 Designer Mood Boards to Inspire Your Dream Kitchen

Jul, 2022 | All,

From airy and soothing to dramatic and moody, this gorgeous mood board roundup has a little something for everyone.

Struggling to hone in on your design style? A mood board is a great tool to keep your ideas in one place. A mood board is a simple flat lay collection of design elements for a space. For interior design, a mood board would likely contain samples of wood tones, textiles, paint swatches, tile or stone, and more.

Some mood board designs include images of similar spaces for inspiration, while others focus on the raw elements of the room.

Today, we’re sharing 6 of our favorite mood board examples to inspire you. Whether they spark a design idea for your kitchen or bath renovation, or inspire you to create a mood board of your own, we hope you enjoy this collection.

So let’s get started!

1. Modern and Moody Kitchen Moodboard

flat lay mood board features earth tones, white cabinetry, and a black glittering quartz slab

Our Agnolo black quartz grounds this earthy, airy kitchen with pops of green to inspire nature lovers everywhere.

While the bulk of the cabinetry is white, this kitchen moodboard is anything but boring. Crisp, bright cabinets provide the perfect backdrop for a palette of warm earthy tones and pops of green.

We love the idea of a rich, grained wood island to ground the space, and we’re all about bringing in texture with caning and leather on bar stools for extra seating.

Anchoring the space, the glittering black Agnolo quartz provides a rich, durable countertop surface for prep and entertaining. Style the space with a few live plants and a rough hewn wooden bowl brimming with artichokes and your moody kitchen is Instagram-ready. Altogether, this kitchen is perfect for family gatherings and Saturday night soirees at home.

2. Bright and Beachy Kitchen Mood Board

Mood board design with light oak, soft blue and warm neutral tones with marble-look white quartz

Quantra’s veined white Boticelli quartz slab shines in this beachy kitchen design

Love the idea of a beachy kitchen? This mood board interior design inspiration might be your new favorite.

Featuring modern light-washed oak, the wood grain adds a warmth to an otherwise cool, neutral palette. Modern blue square tiles create a backsplash that evokes the sea just outside.

For a bit of movement and texture, the Boticelli quartz countertop features marble-inspired veining that’s sure to be a conversation starter. Altogether, this kitchen mood board design highlights the best of the seaside, for coastal vibes you’ll never want to leave.

3. Warm Neutral Kitchen with a Touch of Glam

Kitchen mood board featuring charcoal gray and warm whites with a gold veined taupe quartz

Not your grandmother’s neutral kitchen mood board.

Want a kitchen that doesn’t just look like every other off the ‘gram? Look no further. The Artisan Wool quartz slab features rich, warm taupe hues and dramatic gold veining. It’s neutral enough for everyday living, but special enough to make you smile as you steep your morning tea.

To round out the space, this mood board design features light washed wood tones, deep charcoal gray, and some metallic pops for an added touch of glamour.

4. An Elegant, French-Inspired Kitchen Mood Board

This kitchen mood board with dramatic veined white quartz, deep wood floors, and blue cabinetry.

A timeless, classic kitchen mood board design with a little something for everyone.

Calling all Francophiles and lovers of classic interiors: we’ve found your dream kitchen mood board design.

Warm and rich and always in style, this kitchen design is equally at home in a New England cottage, a Portland bungalow, or a Parisian apartment. Deep blue cabinetry provides a pop of unexpected color that still reads as a neutral — like the perfect pair of blue jeans.

On top sits the dramatically veined Calacatta Lucca quartz. This marble-inspired slab is ultra durable and timeless, making it the perfect choice for families and party hosts alike.

Rich hardwood flooring adds movement, texture, and a touch of old-world soul, while pops of brass hardware bring old-world elegance.

5. Timeless and Effortlessly Cool Kitchen Mood Board

Modern mood board features deep grays, light woods, and a vividly veined white and gray quartz slab

The perfect neutral modern kitchen for any style home.

Want a modern, neutral kitchen mood board you can make all your own? This one’s for you. Shown with a gorgeous smoky teal, this neutral palette could go a million different directions with a simple swap of the paint color.

Featuring Quantra’s Donatello quartz, vivid veining pops against the neutral white backdrop. Modern bamboo cabinetry adds a touch of modern, while rich gray stone flooring grounds the space.

Modern chrome fixtures like hardware, lighting, and water taps add a touch of glamour and round out this mood board design.

6. A Dark, Rich Minimalist Kitchen Mood Board With a Nod to Nature

Night Shade

Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s often an ideal way to let special details and textures shine. And in this mood board design, that’s exactly what you get.

Rich browns anchor the space, from fluted cabinets to deep wood flooring and woven textures on lampshades and seating. Meanwhile, rich gray Night Shade quartz countertops anchor the space and give the eye a place to rest.

Textured metal hardware adds a touch of masculinity and a subtle sheen, without detracting from the streamlined design. Altogether, this kitchen exudes a depth and richness that makes every day feel like something special.

So, which mood board interior design inspiration is your favorite?

We hope this roundup of mood board examples sparked some inspiration for you and your dream kitchen. For even more kitchen inspiration, browse past projects or explore our collection of quartz countertops.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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