About Us

Quantra Quartz comes to you from a group of companies that have a deep, enduring commitment for 30 years to two global industries: fashion and natural stone.


This alchemy is the perfect foundation for designing and manufacturing the toughest, most beautiful quartz in the world. Because we understand design, you can expect the most stunning array of surfaces developed in our design lab. And because we understand natural stone, you can be sure that our quartz takes the best properties of stone… and then goes way beyond.

  • 600+


  • US$ 100

    Million of investment

  • 15

    Million SFT installed capacity

Our Vision

We seek to be one of the world’s most innovative and responsible quartz surfaces manufacturer by offering unparalleled breadth of quartz surfaces inspired by nature and powered by technology and driven by passionate commitment to doing good business, for our customers, our people and our planet.



Our core values guide our actions, decisions and behaviours. These are the values we live by every day across all dimensions of our business:

  • Quality Obsessed

  • Customer Focussed

  • Creativity Driven

  • Excellence

  • Unity

  • Integrity

  • Being Responsible

Our Five Pillars

  • 1 1

    Value Our People

    Our people are empowered and capable of delivering superior results. Our emphasis has always been on developing their skills at all levels.

  • 2 2

    Health, Safety and Sustainability

    Ensuring the health, safety and well being of our people is one of our prime responsibilities. Respect towards the environment is the bedrock of the way we operate. We are committed to applying sustainable practices across all aspects of our business processes.

  • 3 3

    Embrace Technology and Innovation

    At Quantra innovation is vital for advancement and we resolutely explore possibilities to improve; and we also believe that our proprietary processes & techniques, and Breton's quartz surfaces technology will propel us to greater heights.

  • 4 4

    Operating Performance

    We strive to maintain our operating performance above industry standards and benchmarks, and deliver value to all our shareholders.

  • 5 5

    Focus on Profitable Growth

    Our Focus is to improve profitability and create a strong base for future value growth. We diligently continue to work on efficiency and effectiveness across all operations.


Pokarna Subsidiary

Quantra Quartz is manufactured by Pokarna Engineered Stone Limited, a subsidiary of a renowned publicly listed company and part of the Pokarna Group, winners of multiple export awards over the decades for their success in the most competitive international markets of the world.


Our Journey So Far


Breton Agreement

    Partnered with Breton S.p.A of Italy for quartz surfaces technology licensing


Unit 1 Commenced

    Commenced commercial production at Unit 1


NSF International

    Awarded NSF-51 certification for food and splash zone by National Sanitation Foundation, USA


Crossed 100 Cr & Certifications

  • Crossed ₹ 100 cr topline
  • Awarded Kosher certification by Orthodox Union, USA
  • Awarded Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certification by UL, USA


Crossed 200 CR & Exited CDR

  • Crossed ₹ 200 crore topline
  • Successfully exited CDR


Special Jury Award

  • Partnered again with Breton S.p.A for greenfield expansion near Hyderabad
  • Inked partnership with IKEA as an exclusive partner for supply of quartz worktop in India
  • Launched Renaissance collection
  • Received HMTV Business Excellence award – “Special Jury Award” in Manufacturing Category



    Crossed ₹ 300 crore topline


Launches Calacatta

  • Launched Calacatta Collection
  • Contributed US$ 300,000 to support COVID-19 relief efforts in India


Unit 2 & 5000 Kitchens

  • Commenced commercial production at Unit 2
  • Crossed Milestone of 5000 kitchen top installations in India


Great Place to work

  • Certified as a great place to work – the first company from the Indian stone industry to receive this ‘Gold Standard’ certification.
  • Awarded Luxury Product of the Year by Realty+ INEX interior and exterior awards.

Events & Updates

April, 2022

Quantra at Coverings 2022, Las Vegas

Uncovered the Quantra Quartz Collection 2022 at Coverings 22 in Las Vegas. The event marked a massive success with dazzling visitors with a galaxy of new surfaces; plus the most stunning, seamless sinks, basins and shower trays using our own proprietary technology. Quantra lead the way with the newest design trends in quartz.

February, 2022

Quantra at KBIS 2022

At KBIS 2022, Quantra Quartz launched its new 2022 collection. Visitors were mesmerized with a host of novel quartz products. Slabs from Calacatta and Space collections and seamless designer basins , sinks and shower trays made of upto 93% pure quartz caught everyone’s attention. KBIS 2022 was a huge hit! All eyes on the colors, origin...