JP Morgan Campus goes 360 degrees… with Quantra Quartz speed and precision!

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Leed-certified new JP Morgan campus makes the most of the environment-friendly Quantra 360 Degree

As the company’s largest campus in Asia-Pacific, the JP Morgan Tower in Salarpuria Sattva Knowledge City, Hyderabad, features innovative hallmarks in workspace design. The new campus is designed to be collaboration friendly, along with an emphasis on wellbeing, sustainability and community. Spread over 822,000 sq-ft, the office includes wellness zones, dedicated relaxation areas, a crèche and a fully equipped medical centre.

Designed by the global architecture and design firm Gensler, the office was envisioned as a flexible, high-tech work environment. Multifunctional spaces such as breakout zones, the employee restaurant, cafe and tech bar play a key role in realising the vision. They provide an informal, relaxed ambience for employees where they can rest, and even work or brainstorm with their team. Such high traffic areas are required to be durable and remain pristine at all times. In these prime spaces, the design relies on custom cut and factory finished Quantra Quartz products and the comprehensive Quantra 360 Degree service.

The Quantra experience begins at the reception area, which captures the sophisticated colour palette and the nuanced design of the office perfectly. The expansive reception desk with soft curves on either end combines Winter Haze (365), a classic grey quartz in glossy finish, with slated, light-toned wood panels to create a subtle contrast. Because it was custom cut and factory finished with the defined curvature, the Winter Haze (365) top has a sleek, monolithic appearance.

Delivering precision-based design

At the employee restaurant, serving over ten cuisines and already being hailed as a favourite spot by the JP Morgan employees, the multi-purpose service counters are no ordinary counters. Each countertop needed skilled execution, both in terms of fabrication and installation. For instance, the wide, angular, U-shaped Winter Haze (365) countertop required curved corners and slots for built-in stainless steel bain-maries. The design specified curved turns around the counter without any visible joints as well as precut bainmarie slots along the curved edges. Even a minor 1mm difference would render the slot ineffective and, thus, needed precision based design and fabrication by Quantra. The result is a uniform, built-to-last countertop that fits like a glove with the mounted appliances.

Crafting seamless countertops

For the service counter of the Asian restaurant, the design draws inspiration from industrial kitchens as well as the social kitchen concept. The open kitchen with a wrap-around service counter is an experiential dining theatre where the sights and aromas of Asian cuisine temper the space. The square island kitchen is engulfed by the Winter Haze (365) countertop with prominent chamfered corners. The glossy grey countertop complements the industrial-style base in cement grey and the stainless steel professional kitchen. Quantra’s expertise ensured that the surface had seamless joints; the extensive countertop with its defined edges appears to have been carved from a single slab.

Engineering clean-cut surfaces

Because cafes play an integral part in the workspace culture today, the JP Morgan campus includes a trendy and laid-back, self-service cafe. Here the elongated, pentagon-shaped island service counter in Concrete Grey (4509) also morphs into a bar-style seating area with an IOS (2239) countertop. The solid white finish of the IOS with its medium grain texture juxtaposes well with the dark Concrete Grey (4509), which features subtle details of glass chips. The main challenge here was to achieve the angles of the unique shape specified in the design, all from one slab. The technology employed, thanks to Quantra 360 Degree, made it easier to deliver and install such a detailed, fabricated product with the exact dimensions and angles.

The quantra advantage

The JP Morgan campus in Hyderabad epitomises the evolving global standards in workspace design. Materiality and execution are crucial in meeting the necessary benchmarks. The design required seamless surfaces irrespective of its expansive sizes,
modish shapes and unique dimensions. Crafting these surfaces on site with natural stone or even quartz would require skilled labour with no room for error. Additionally, the LEEDcertified campus actively sought solutions that are sustainable and reduced construction waste.

With Quantra 360 Degree, the project benefits from factory-finished quartz surfaces in multiple ways. The countertops appear uniform despite the complexity in design and scale. Since it is a factory finished service, it reduces debris on site and the resultant pollutants, while also saving water otherwise needed for polishing and installing stone products. Construction waste management can be a challenge. For a campus aiming to be sustainable, Quantra 360 Degree proved to be an effective responsible and sustainable solution.

Overall, Quantra Quartz was the perfect match for such a large scale, green project that required an exceptional level of customisation. Besides the cafe, restaurant and reception area, Quantra surfaces also elevate the ambience in the breakout spaces, washrooms and lift jams in the office. Each surface was prefabricated at the factory as per the drawings, then delivered and installed by Quantra’s expert team. It was one of the many ways the new JP Morgan campus celebrated innovation, technology, design and sustainability in unison.

What is quantra 360 degree?

Along with its impeccable line of up classic and new quartz designs, Quantra offers unique custom-cut, factory-finished products and world-class installation service for projects of every scale. The service includes site survey; preparing drawings for fabrication as per site and design requirements; manufacturing of the custom product; site delivery; and finally, expert installation on site. The streamlined process supports flexibility in design and ensures customisation is an hassle-free operation, while also significantly reducing waste. Quantra products are manufactured by master craftsmen using the most sophisticated technology in the world, including robotics and other high-tech equipment’s.

In terms of sustainability, custom cut and factory finished products are designed to specification and thus prevent wastage of the raw material and other resources. They are processed with all necessary precautions, including the safety of the workers and the environment. This safeguards the project site and its immediate environment from accumulation of debris and subsequent dumping of the construction waste in landfills. It also promotes better water and slurry management by eliminating the need for cutting and polishing on site. At Quantra facilities, the state-of-the-art water treatment plants cleans over 97% of the used water and channels it in a closed loop system. By 2025, Quantra aim to reuse 100% of this water in closed loop systems with zero environmental impact.

In a nutshell, Quantra 360 Degree is a comprehensive, specialised service that provides customised, durable and sustainable quartz solutions for projects of every scale.

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