By Room

Breakout spaces, Cafe, Employee Restaurant, Reception

By Application

Countertops, Furniture Solutions, Lift Jams


Ios, Winter Haze, Concrete Grey



Project Partner

Gensler, Vestian


The new LEED-certified JP Morgan Chase & Co. in Hyderabad, India is the company’s largest campus in Asia-Pacific. Designed as a flexible workspace, the office features high-tech work environments that focus on productivity as well as on the wellbeing of the employees.

Sleek with smooth curved edges, the winter haze top on the reception counter perfectly reflects the subtle yet elegant aesthetics of the office. Meanwhile, key areas of the campus, such as the cafe and employee restaurant, feature surfaces sculpted with IOS and Concrete Gray. Every Quantra Quartz product was custom cut, factory finished, delivered and installed by the expert Quantra team as part of the comprehensive Quantra 360 Degree service.

Location: Hyderabad, India
LEED Certification: Gold (fit-out)
Service: Quantra 360 Degree
Area: 9000+ sq-ft of Quantra Quartz

Project Images

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