The Plant

Located in a verdant, richly forested area a few hours away from the glistening airport of Visakhapatnam and its world class sea port on the east coast of India.

The world's finest natural quartz, a key raw material, comes from this region. It is selected, processed and delivered to Quantra to our precise specifications.

Our Promise

Written in stone

We will always use the finest raw materials on earth and we will source them sensitively, responsibly. As an ISO 9001 company, we will always train our people in the best possible industrial practices to the highest global norms.

We will use nothing less than the original, the most up-to-the-minute technology in the world to ensure you have a product that stays new and retains its superior properties of hygiene and easy maintenance.

We will ensure environmental-sustainability at every stage, from raw material to manufacturing processes to packing and shipping.

That has been our promise for 25 years. And that promise continues. Rock solid.

Because in our lexicon, the word compromise simply does not exist.

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India & Middle East
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